Trip up North

We had the awesome opportunity to take a quick trip up to La Grande, Oregon last week to see our good friends the Lukes.  They rent the MOST AMAZING HOUSE you ever did see/set foot in.  I was in awe the entire weekend at all the fun features, wallpaper and little “extra’s” Heather has added with all her style and skill:)  Here’s a quick trip through pictures…
039THE house.  Built in the late 1800’s, it was so fun to imagine the people and experiences that had originated there.  There are even a few attics that have not  been frequented in a while…kind of eerie to even think of what’s up there!018

Not scrimping on details, almost every doorway throughout the house had 6” molding and a stained glass window above it.  The door knobs, very ornate and obviously hand-crafted. And check out the incredible wrapped staircase.  A little scary at times, but SO amazing.  Also, every inch of every wall had a different wallpaper – most cool, some not so…

The Master Bedroom right around the corner and to the left of the front room.  Separated by huge ceiling-to-floor pocket doors.  Heather re-finished the awesome dresser on the wall.  Amazing.


The Kitchen and the Play room (my favorite wall-paper)


  Exploring the farm

Our fun dance party the kids planned before we left

Top 5 favorite things about it all…
1. We got to go on a date without the kids
2. Heather and I spent almost 4 hours shopping at the local thrift stores and antique shops without kids
3. We played games/visited well into every night
4.  The kids got to play/sleep with their best friends around the clock
5. Ate delicious food.
We love you Luke family!  We’ll never find better friends – thanks for the fun visit!!


Julie said...

That house is incredible. Seriously. So glad you guys went up there!!

Spencer said...

Thanks for comin guys, it was awesome. Let's do it again soon-summer this time!